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Who Are We?

The Forever Team is an independent group of home-based business developers based in the UK operating in partner with a $2.6 billion international company at the forefront of the natural health and wellness industry: Forever Living Products. Forever's outstanding turnover to date has been a result of uninterrupted growth and success since the company's birth in 1978. As a direct result of this continually expanding client base and sought-after product line, The Forever Team is recruiting individuals who have the desire to work from home part-time or full-time, building a brighter future for themselves, their families and generations to follow.


The world today is changing. Everyone know that the economy is dire and the future outlook is that its going to get worse, not better, worse. Working the traditional job or 'career' is not bringing the rewards it promised. Long hours, stress, job-insecurity are just a few things experienced by individuals who are working harder than ever and are yet realising that their near and distant future is going to be just as much of a struggle if not worse. There is a better way.

In recent years, the home business industry has been booming. Thousands of people everyday are realising the stress-free, enriching lifestyle that comes with owning their own business working from home, at their own schedule and being in complete control of their income and their time. By choosing how much money you want to earn and the hours you want to work, you too can become debt-free and eliminate stress from financial strain.


With Forever, your earning potential is completely unlimited. Forever has a unique marketing and profit plan that promises the harder you work, the more money you'll make and in a way that continues to pay even after you stop working. No salary caps. No educational requirements. No expensive investment. Can you say that about any other job or career-path?


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